Choosing The Right Entertainment For A Child’s Birthday Party

So you want to do something nice and fun for your child’s upcoming birthday party, and you’re thinking of maybe doing your event at home, adding a bounce house, and not sure what other options are available.

Consider hiring a Myrtle Beach area magician but definitely one who specializes in family entertainment.

Entertaining children for a birthday party can be one of the best ways to satisfy all your guests including the parents as it reaches everyone. We in America work way too much and get very little “quality time” with our children. That’s why a bounce house may not be the best entertainment for your party. Lot’s of families rent them and think they are great ways for children to have fun and they are. Problem is they don’t connect the families for real family time! Yes the kids get to play and have fun, but if you want the children to have fun, the parents to have fun, and make sure no one gets hurt, hire a great family oriented magician.

A well trained birthday party magician is one who knows how to get the families to sit down together and spend time watching the show, laughing and connecting with the kids! Also a great birthday party magician will know how to entertain whatever age group is at your party. This is very important, a group of mainly 3 year olds wants a totally different show than even a mostly 7 year olds show. A great birthday party magician has different ways of doing the same tricks that allows for the different age groups and can cater to them. This is a great question to ask your performer and make sure they can change their show to accommodate.

One more consideration is can the magician entertain the children and let them have the best time all while the children are behaving in the way their age group normally acts? In other words, why if my 4 year old will not be quiet or sit down during the show? That is not your problem once the birthday party magician takes over. If they are trained they can use the situation to their advantage so no child gets singled out during the show in a bad way and every child gets what they want, to have a good time. I personally have never had to stop a show to manage an unruly child, because I am trained to connect with the child who may be in the parents eyes need controlling. Truth is kids are all different and some like to be recognized and others don’t.

A child’s birthday party should be fun and most important “stress free”. Hiring a professional that specializes in families assures a stress free party.