Important Questions To Ask When Hiring An Entertainer For Your Child’s Birthday Party

Hiring live entertainment for your child’s birthday party can be a tough decision. There are many good magicians and there are a few bad ones. Some questions you can ask that will help you find the right entertainer for your party are below.

Is their magic show scripted? Most good magicians do not simply “wing it” they have a script and they stick to it. A lot of their jokes and magic will seem impromptu but it is designed to seem that way. Asking if the magician has a script is a good way to eliminate the ones who are not pros.

Do they use sound and music? A great magician will have sound so they can be heard, and music to play that goes along with their act. Also their system should be battery operated so no child can trip on anything.

How is the birthday child treated differently in the show? There should be a plan to honor the child who’s birthday it is. It should make your birthday child a rockstar! If the magician doesn’t have a good answer for this question they may not be a pro. Also what happens if my birthday child is shy and doesn’t want attention? Do they have a plan for that?

Do they have multiple options to meet your budget? A great working pro magician will have at least three different price points to accommodate any budget. If they offer one package, that may not be a pro.